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Troubleshooting Chart

Symptom               What's Probably Wrong           What To Do
No sound during       Didn't record.                  Check MIDI connections. 
playback of           MIDI channels not properly      Check MIDI channel 
recorded parts.       corresponding with sound        assignments.
                      Tracks are muted.               Check track mute selection.

Won't record after    MIDI filters for after touch    In MIDI filters mode,
touch or system       and system exclusive are        set after touch and
exclusive data.       enabled.                        sysex record to on.

Won't save or load    Bad connections.                Check wiring. 
to tape.              Bad tape.                       Use a certified data tape. 
                      Level of sync tone is too       Try a higher or lower
                      high or low.                    level to tape.
                      Errors in data.                 Re-save the data.

Won't sync to tape.   Bad connections.                Check cables. 
                      Level on tape.                  Set level at or near 0VU.
                                                      Turn off noise reduction, 
                                                      if possible.

If problems aren't solved after troubleshooting and referring to the manual,
consult your Alesis dealer for assistance.

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