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Syncing the MMT-8 to tape

It is possible to sync the MMT-8 to a tape recorder with the help of the TAPE SYNC mode. In this mode, the MMT-8 reads a master clock pulse from a track of a tape recorder, which keeps all of the sequencers/drum machines perfectly in time with the recorded information on the tape machine. This method has the advantage of eliminating the need to print drum machine or synthesiser parts on tape, since you can use the master clock recorded on tape (or "sync track") to trigger the drum machine and synthesisers via the sequencer.

Recording the sync tone

Before recording any audio information on the tape machine, you must lay a "sync tone" down on one track of the tape machine. This is usually done on an outside track (track 1 or 8 on an eight track machine; track 1 or 16 on a sixteen track machine, etc.) to keep the crosstalk to a minimum.

  1. Connect the TAPE OUT jack of the MMT-8 to the input of the desired track of the tape machine.
  2. Press PLAY on the MMT-8, then adjust the level of the track so that it reads approximately "0 VU".
  3. You must select a tempo for the song on the MMT-8 at this time as it cannot be changed later.
  4. Begin recording on the tape machine.
  5. Press PLAY on the MMT-8. Allow the MMT-8 to play through its entire song before stopping the recording. When the song has ended, stop the recording and rewind the tape machine. You are now ready to trigger the MMT-8 from the sync tone that you just recorded.


  • There is no TAPE SYNC OUT switch as this is always active.
  • Keep the sync signal at about 0VU in order to avoid dropouts. If the MMT-8 does not see the sync tone for a half second, it will assume that the sync tone has ended and will go into STOP mode.
  • If possible, do not use any noise reduction, EQ, or signal processing on the sync tone.
  • Avoid recording high energy, high frequency tracks next to the sync track.

To clock the MMT-8 from tape sync

  1. Connect the output of the track of the tape machine that has the sync tone to the TAPE IN jack of the MMT-8.
  2. Press and hold the CLOCK button. The display will read:


  3. Use the keypad or +/- buttons to select TAPE SYNC IN. The display should read:


  4. Put the tape machine into PLAY. The MMT-8 will automatically start as soon as it receives the sync tone, causing any other sequencers connected to it to play. Be careful to return to the beginning of the sync tone since the MMT-8 will automatically begin playing any time that it recieves the sync tone.

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