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Recording a PART

Selecting the RECORD TRACK

To record on a part, press the RECORD button. The RECORD LED will light. The track to be recorded always defaults to the lowest numbered empty track. For an empty part, track 1 will be selected. If a part has all eight tracks used, no track will be selected, and the RECORD LED will not light.

Every time a track is recorded onto, the next empty track will automatically be selected the next time RECORD is pressed. If a track other than the selected one is desired, pressing another track select button while holding down the RECORD button will select the new track to be recorded on. Like on a tape recorder, if a track with something on it is recorded over, the old information is erased.

Once the user has selected a track manually, the automatic track selection of the next empty track is turned off. This way, if the user wants to redo a track many times, he can select it once, and that track will remain selected until he selects another track. When a new part is selected, the automatic track selection is turned back on. If the track that is selected is reselected, it will stop flashing (and return to its previous state, flashing on or off), and no track will be selected for record (causing the RECORD LED to turn off when the RECORD button is held down, the display reads:


While holding RECORD, the track that is lit indicates the currently selected track to be recorded on. Any tracks that are flashing are currently empty, and any tracks that are not lit currently have something recorded in them. Any track (flashing, on, or off) can be selected to be recorded onto.

Entering RECORD

After releasing RECORD, the RECORD LED will remain lit to indicate that it is ready to record if PLAY is pressed, unless no track was selected (no track LED lit solid), which would cause the RECORD LED to turn off after releasing the RECORD button. If STOP/CONTINUE is pressed while the RECORD LED is on, the RECORD LED will turn off, indicating that record is disabled, but the selected record track will be remembered. To begin recording, press PLAY. If a track had been selected (RECORD LED on), then the beginning of the part, after counting down four beats (the countdown can be changed; see CLICK), during which time the display will read:


With each beat past, the diaplay will change to 3, then 2, then 1, after which the display will change to:


The part number is not underlined, indicating that a new part cannot be selected while recording. While recording, the eight tracks can still be turned on or off. Pressing the RECORD button effectively "punches out" the record track, the RECORD LED turns off, and the part continues to play from where it was. Pressing the PLAY button is also the same as punching out, except that the part will immediately start playing from the beginning. The rewind and fast forward buttons will also punch out. Pressing STOP/CONTINUE also punches out, but stops the part from playing as well.

When recording for the first time on an empty part, the track will continue recording until STOP/CONTINUE, FAST-FORWARD, REWIND, or PLAY is pressed. When one is pressed, this determines the length of the part, rounded to the nearest beat. When recording on any other track, the part will automatically stop when the end of the part (as determined by the first record track) is reached. If LOOP is on, the RECORD LED will turn off ("punch out"), and the part will begin playing from the start. It it possible to set the length before recording the first track, or to change the length after recording the first track (see LENGTH).

While holding the RECORD button, pressing and holding the LENGTH button will show on the display the percentage of memory still available to recording.

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