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Selecting and Playing a PART

When power is first turned on, the sequencer will be in SONG or PART mode (SONG or PART LED lit), depending on the mode that was selected before power was turned off. The song or part number will also be the same as when power was turned off.

PART button

Press the PART button to enter PART mode if the sequencer is not currently in this mode. The LED next to the PART button will light and the display will read:


if part 00 exists, or


if part 00 has not yet been created.

Selecting a PART

The 00 is underlined to indicate that it will be changed if a new number is selected with the keypad or +/- buttons. The second line of the display shows the name of the part. If a part is empty, the display reads EMPTY PART. Pressing the +/- buttons immediately selects the next part number, with the numbers looping past 99 to 00 and looping down from 00 to 99. If a single digit on the keypad is pressed (3, for example), the display will change to:


The display is now indicating that the second digit of the part should be entered. After entering the second digit, the new part is selected, and its name is displayed. If the second digit is not entered within 2 seconds, the display will revert back to the previous part number, and no new part will have been selected. This type of keypad entry is consistent with all entries made with the keypad described in this manual. The page up and page down buttons have no function when selecting parts or songs.

Selecting TRACKs for playback

While in PART mode, the eight TRACK SELECT LED will display the tracks that are turned on (not muted) on the selected part. These buttons can be turned on or off to change the selected tracks to be played. Whenever a part is playing, the eight track select LEDs will show which tracks are playing. When a new part is selected, all eight tracks are turned on. At any time, the track selection can be changed with the track select buttons. Pressing PLAY will start playing the selected part from its beginning, and the PLAY LED will light. The display will read, for example:


The display is now showing the current beat number and the part number that is being played. As each beat (quarter note) occurs, the display will advance the beat count. While the part is playing, the keypad and +/- buttons can be used to select a new part number, which will then be displayed in the display as follows:

PART 00   NEXT 01 : BEAT 001

At the end of the current part, the newly selected part number will play, with the beat count starting again at 001. The NEXT part to play can be changed up until the end of the current part is reached, after which the new part will begin playing, and the display will revert back to PLAYING PART.

Pressing STOP/CONTINUE will stop playing a part, and the display will return to the select part display. Any notes that were sustaining will turn off. Pressing STOP/CONTINUE again will begin playing a part from the beginning of the beat it was on when it was stopped, replaying all previously sustaining notes. Pressing PLAY will always start a part from the beginning. When a part reaches its end, the PLAY LED will turn off and the part will stop, unless LOOP is on, which will cause the part to continue playing from the beginning.


The << and >> buttons (rewind and fast-forward) can be used to advance or retreat through the beats of a part. If a part is playing, pressing the fast forward button will cause sustaining notes to stop, and the display to advance quickly one beat at a time until the fast forward button is released, after which the part continues playing from the beginning of the displayed beat.


The rewind button works similarly, but in reverse. In either direction, if the end or beginning of a part is reached, the display remains on the last beat, unless loop is on, which results in the beat "wrapping around". When a part is not playing, these buttons can be used for the same function, and by pressing STOP/CONTINUE the song will continue from the last displayed beat. The fast forward and rewind button can be held down simultaneously to "freeze" the display on the current beat. It is also possible to Autolocate with the fast-forward and rewind buttons. This function allows you to go directly to any desired beat (see auto-locate).

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