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The LOOP button is a simple on/off switch with an LED indicator. When LOOP is on, a part or song will loop back to its beginning when it has reached its end, and continue playing indefinitely. If LOOP is off, a part or song will stop when it reaches its end.


The MIDI ECHO button is an on/off switch with an LED indicator. When MIDI ECHO is on, whatever information is present at the MIDI INPUT jack will be sent to the MIDI OUTPUT jack. When not in RECORD or RECORD ready (RECORD LED lit), the MIDI data is transmitted out unchanged.

When in RECORD or RECORD ready, and the track selected has been assigned to a specific MIDI channel (see MIDI CHANNEL below), then all MIDI information received will be transmitted out on the selected MIDI channel. This feature allows the user to hear a part playing on the desired synthesiser while it is being recorded. System exclusive information and polyphonic pressure are not echoed, and MIDI clocking information will be echoed only if the MIDI clock is being used for clocking the MMT-8.


The NAME button is used to change the name of a part or song. The name of a part or song is 14 characters long. An empty part or song will always have the name "EMPTY PART" or "EMPTY SONG", and cannot be changed. When a part or song is first used, its name is changed from "EMPTY PART" or "EMPTY SONG" to "NO PART NAME" or "NO SONG NAME". To change the name of a part or song, press and hold the NAME button. The display will read:


The cursor is now under the first character of the part or song name. Using the +/- buttons, any alphanumeric character can be selected, and the keypad can be used to enter numbers directly. The page up and page down buttons are used to move the cursor left and right on the display. When the desired name has been entered, pressing RECORD stores the name for that part or song. If RECORD is not pressed before releasing the NAME button, any changes to the name will not be saved.


The MERGE mode is provided so that two tracks can be merged together (overlapped) onto one track. In part mode, when MERGE is held down, the display reads:


The eight track LEDs will be off. Press the first desired track (it will light solid), followed by the destination track (it will flash), followed by RECORD. The display will read:


This display remains until the RECORD button is released. The first track and the second track are now combined in the second track's location. The first track remains unchanged. The MERGE button has no effect in song mode, or while a part is playing. Note: When two tracks are merged. their MIDI channel assignments (see MIDI CHANNEL) are permanently assigned to the data of each track, and the new track's MIDI channel is assigned to UNCHANGED. This way, tracks assigned to different channels retain their channel independence on the same track.

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