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The LENGTH button is used to set the length of a part to a specified number of beats. While holding the LENGTH button, the display will show the current length of the current part. If it is an empty part, the display will read:


This indicates that no length has yet been set. If RECORD mode is entered without setting this length, the length of the part will be determined by the number of beats recorded before pressing STOP/CONTINUE, RECORD or PLAY. If it is desired to set the length before recording, the +/- buttons can be used to move the length up or down in single beat increments (000 minimum, 682 maximum), or a three digit number can be entered with the keypad. In either case, the new length is not entered into the part until the RECORD button is pressed. When RECORD is pressed, the display changes to:


This display remains until RECORD is released. If LENGTH is released before RECORD is pressed, no change to the length will be made, regardless of what was pressed on the keypad. If RECORD is pressed after entering a partial length (1 or 2 digits), nothing will happen. When entering in digits, the first digit entered ( 1, for example) results in the following display:


The display is now waiting for the entry of the second digit. If the second digit is not entered within 2 seconds, the display will revert to its previous value. If RECORD is pressed after entering an incomplete length (1 or 2 digits), the display will revert to its previous value.

When a new length is entered (RECORD), any information on any track of the selected part that was beyond the new set length will be erased. Any notes sustaining beyond the new end will automatically be given a new duration. If the new length is longer than the previous one, the additional length will be filled with silence. If it is desired to remove or add length to the beginning of a part, first set the desired length (as described above), and then press either page up or page down. The display will change to:


Pressing either page up or page down again will toggle back to the original display. If RECORD is pressed with the above display showing, any additional beats will be placed at the beginning of the part, and any beats removed will be removed from the part top. Notes that were stored in the removed beats will be removed regardless of their duration.

The LENGTH button has no effect in song mode, or while a song or part is playing.

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