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MIDI Implementation Chart

	Function			Transmitted	Recognized	Remarks 

Channel			Default		1-16		1-16		User changeable  
		 	Changed		1-16		1-16  

Mode			Default    
			Messages	X		X  

Note Number		True Voice	00-127		00-127  

Velocity		Note on		O		O  
			Note off	X		X  

After Touch		Key's		X		X  
			Chan's		O		O  

Pitch Bender				O		O  

Control Change		0-63		O		O  
			64-122		O		O  
			124-127		X		X  

Program Change		True #		0-127		0-127  

System Exclusive			O		O  

System Common		Song Pos	O		O  
			Song Sel	X		X  
			Tune		X		X  

System Real Time	Clock		O		O  
			Messages	O		O  

Aux Messages		Local Control	X		X  
			All Notes Off	X		X  
			Active Sense	X		X  
			Reset		X		X  

	Mode 1: Omni On, Poly	Mode 2: Omni On, Mono	O : Yes 
	Mode 3: Omni Off, Poly	Mode 4: Omni Off, Mono	X : No 

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